The Sunapee Community CoffeeHouse is Located Downstairs at the Sunapee Methodist Church

9 Lower Main Street in Sunapee, NH
  Phone: 603-398-8214 (Vic Reno)

The Sunapee Community CoffeeHouse

We Love Our Sponsors

It's you who keep the music coming


Sponsorship is a great value!
And besides, it's fun to hear the emcee thank you in front of everyone at the show.

Friends of the Sunapee Community Coffeehouse who would like to sponsor the music/room rental for a night are greatly appreciated.

One night's sponsorship is $25 which covers the heat and lights for the space. In turn the emcee makes an honorable mention of you or your company on the night of your sponsorship. Your business logo, or personal name will be added to this schedule below, and goes on all the posters around the area.
Of course, you may also remain anonymous if you prefer.

Help continue the Sunapee CoffeeHouse tradition by sending your check to:
Sunapee Community Coffeehouse - c/o Martha Naylor, Treasurer - 141 Bascom Rd. - Newport, NH 03773
Please email us to post your company name/logo on the website for your sponsored week. Thanks!

Some of the reasons to be a sponsor:

  1. Your Logo and information about your business will on the website. Check out the sample listing below.
  2. You are included on our flyers distributed throughout the area during the month preceding the show
  3. During the show you are copiously thanked by the emcee who will also deliver a brief message about you and your business.
  4. And then, of course, there is the matter of the music.

A Sample Sponsorship

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