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Special Presentations are Back Again

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The Sunapee Community CoffeeHouse is Located:
Downstairs at the Sunapee Methodist Church
, 9 Lower Main Street in Sunapee, NH
All Events: 7PM
(Need directions: click here )


Started in July '04, the Sunapee Community Coffeehouse's mission is to encourage & foster professional and amateurs musicians alike in a family style listening room environment where new and seasoned performers can offer up their songs and stories to an attentive audience.
Original songs encouraged but not required.

The Sunapee Community CoffeeHouse (started in 2004 and voted Best of NH Open Mics in 2005) always needs support so please get involved. Whether you're a musician who plays at the Coffeehouse or an audience member who enjoys the shows--we're asking that you give back to keep the Coffeehouse going. Let us know what you can do and we'll find a way for you to help. The community will thank you, and you'll get much more back than you put into it!
Contact Tom Daniels at

And thanks...

See the Article in Hippo about our CoffeeHouse: Click here

Downstairs at the Sunapee Methodist Church
, 9 Lower Main Street in Sunapee, NH
All Events: 7PM
(603) 763-3241 church - (603) 763-4301 (after 6pm) need directions: click here

The formula for our successful concert series:
1) Volunteers to sustain the series
2) Passing the hat for the musician, and
3) Fostering an attentive respectful audience in a family atmosphere which in turn guarantees the musicians will want to return.

WE NEED YOU, Volunteer Today! Besides, it's fun
Friends of the Sunapee Community Coffeehouse who would like to sponsor the music/room rental for a night are greatly appreciated.
One night's sponsorship is $25 which covers the heat and lights for the space. In turn the emcee makes an honorable mention of you, or your company on the night of your sponsorship. Your business logo, or personal name will be added to this schedule below, and goes on all the posters around the area.
Help continue the Sunapee CoffeeHouse tradition by sending your check to:

Sunapee Community Coffeehouse - c/o Martha Naylor, Treasurer - 141 Bascom Rd. - Newport, NH 03773
Please email us to post your company name/logo on the website for your sponsored week. Thanks!

 The Sunapee Community CoffeeHouse is a proud member of BACHA,
the Boston Area Coffeehouse Association.



Fall 2014



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All Events: 7PM
(s=SCC's Sound sytem)
Please visit our sponsors

Claude Bourbon

Ready for a unique and talented take on a wide range of musical traditions? Claude Bourbon is known throughout Europe and America for amazing guitar performances that take blues, Spanish, Middle Eastern, and Russian stylings into uncharted territories. Experience an evening of exploration in the unique ambience of the Thumb !

Claude Bourbon grew up in Switzerland, where he was classically trained. This finger picking guitarist has performed and studied all over the world; he has crafted an unbelievable fusion of classical and jazz, with ethereal Eastern influences, Spanish and Latin elements with strains of Western folk.

Heidi Patten

Jackie Yakovleff


Bill Staines

$15 Suggested Contribution

See Video 1

See Video 2

Bill Staines, a New England native, has been singing his songs and delighting audiences for more than forty years. Singing mostly his own songs, he has become one of the most popular and durable singers on the folk music scene today, performing nearly 200 concerts a year. He weaves a blend of gentle wit and humor into his performances. Over the decades, you have heard Bill singing on Garrison Keillor's A Prairie Home Companion , HBO's award winning series Deadwood , and Public Radio's Mountain Stage .

Judy Thackaberry

Robyn Macy


Craig Werth

After touring internationally for 5 years with Canada's David Francey and earning a Canadian Juno Award himself, Craig Werth is singing his own highly acclaimed songs throughout his New England homeland. For the past several years Craig's heartful songs have seen heavy airplay in Folk radio including the #2 slot song this past December. David Francey says, "Craig is a brilliant songwriter himself. He is a dear and roadworthy friend and a joy to perform with. He is also the funniest man I have ever met." Craig often accompanies himself with 5 or more instruments including guitars, banjo, ukulele, bouzouki and shruti box

Tom Daniels



Kenny Weiland & Brad Myrick

Kenny and Brad are both accomplished solo performers. When they join forces, high spirited jazz, swing, and funky tunes are the result. Kenny has released four CDs of original songs, and two of his songs were featured on NPR's “Car Talk”.

Brad is a musician's musician performing with some of New England's best jazz players. He teaches at Experience Academy in Montagnana, Italy and is always busy with production work on both continents.

This is their second appearance at the SCCH and they've decided to split the show. Brad will energize the audience the second set performing originals from his upcoming solo CD.
Doc Rogers

Doc Rogers
Thumbstyle Country, Blues and Folk


Joel Cage

Joel Cage has been a force on the acoustic scene for some time. Constantly performing, writing songs, recording CDs. Joel is currently patrioting his latest release: "Eponymous". It has been written that "Joel sings as if from a mountain-top. He writes like one totally immersed within the depth of his own psyche. All the while, body writhing, foot pounding rhythm, legs kicking out in accent, sweat pouring from his body, hands flailing about in an almost violently sensuous caress, his guitar floats seemingly weightless amidst a cascade of full spectrum sound."

Deb Blesedell

"WOODCHUCKS' REVENGE 'warms folk with sparks of bluegrass, country and blues.' The group, comprised of Peter and Kristina Cady, Sandy Morse, and Mike

Lussen (formerly with Woods Tea Company) presents an engaging mix of old and new folk music ranging from Carter Family heart songs to western ballads, from traditional new England fiddle tunes to their own zany parodies of bluegrass standards. Playing guitars, mandolin, fiddle, banjo and bass, the Woodchucks delight their audiences with humor, history and the variety of traditions that make up the American folk scene.

Deb Blesedell


No CoffeeHouse

No CoffeeHouse.
Venue Not Available

The Tradition continues, Stop by to listen or join in. Sign up on site with the host for your 15 min or three songs. Storytellers also welcome!

EmCee needed

Music &
Petreflection Photography  


Heather Pierson

"There's a real pureness to her voice as she leads us through intimate corners of her experiences and tells stories with a Joni Mitchell kind of edge . . . it's as if it's as second nature as breathing" -Portland Press Herald

Heather Pierson is a pianist, singer/songwriter and performer whose inspiring live performances and growing catalog of releases illuminate her boundless creativity, delving into Americana, blues, jazz and folk. Her latest CD, The Hard Work of Living, was released in October 2013 and features her New England Songwriting Contest winning single “A Hard Man To Please.”

Tom Donnelly

Would you like to sponsor a night? $25 gets your logo and link here, plus it pays for our rental costs for the evening!


Marina Evans

Singer/Songwriter Marina Evans combines a background in jazz with traditional folk and indie rock into a sound all her own. She has captivated audiences around the world with her sultry vocals, sharp lyrics, and unusual melodies. Since her start in her hometown of Rockport, MA, Marina has released three original EPs and a full-length album, and has toured across the U.S., to London, and to Italy. With the 2013 release of her album Unbound Marina has truly hit her stride: the album navigates folk ballads to indie anthems to straight up rock and roll "with absolute ease." A versatile, passionate performer, Marina gives her all to every performance.

Judy Thackaberry


No CoffeeHouse

No CoffeeHouse.
Venue Not Available

No CoffeeHouse

No CoffeeHouse.
Day after Thanksgiving

The Tradition continues, Stop by to listen or join in. Sign up on site with the host for your 15 min or three songs. Storytellers also welcome!

EmCee needed

Would you like to sponsor a night? $25 gets your logo and link here, plus it pays for our rental costs for the evening!
Christmas Break
Back in January, 2015

Booking for Fall opens March 1 and booking for Winter/Spring opens the previous October 1

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Hippo Article About Our CoffeeHouse
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CoffeeHouse and Community Announcements

CoffeeHouse Announcements

Give us your Feedback!:
We want your feedback. If you have any suggestions, comments or ideas, please let us know on how your experience was at the CoffeeHouse or what we can do to improve the experience.
Email us at

Hey John Colvert,
Thanks for the kind words..

"I just wanted to thank you for having me last week. I had so much fun!
You've got a great series with great listeners and it was a real pleasure to spend the night performing for all of you. I know you only book musicians once each year, so the March 1st booking date is certainly on my calendar!
Thanks again!

Thanks for the Kudos
"Just want to thank you on behalf of both Kyra and myself for your hospitality last Friday night. It was truly one of the most enjoyable rooms/crowds I've ever had the pleasure to play for, and the support was overwhelming! Please pass this on to all the others who help to make SCCH possible, and hopefully we can make one of the open mic nights before your summer break!
Keep up the great work!!
Yours truly,Scott Sanborn
"Comfortable Genes"

Sunapee CoffeeHouse is on FB. Keep up to date, and chime in to help the live music community grow well in Sunapee. Click on the logo, and be a fan and write something.

Community Announcements:
If you'd like to have a community event (music or otherwise) listed here, let us know, and will post it.

Stay Tuned

GENERAL INFO: info(at) TEL: 603-763-2668

Tom Daniels (*Be sure to write "Sunapee CoffeeHouse" in the subject line in order to get your email to Tom) (Please read the Musician's Page before inquiring about booking, thanks. Note: Please do not send booking requests through Reverbnation as we are unable to view submissions or respond to emails generated from that site.)
Robyn Macy: Email: robyn628(at) and randy(at)
Al Carruth, 51 Camel Hump Rd
Newport, NH 03773
Judy Thackaberry and Deb Blesdell

Be sure to check out our sister coffeehouse in Leavenworth Washington at
Randy Richards, Chris Rader, Lori Bonner, Jim Allyn, Gator Chamberlin, Amy Skinder, Paul Myher, and others got it rolling. Paul Myher, Cindy Rieveldt and others continue the Leavenworth Community CoffeeHouse tradition in their new venue at Haus Laurelie in Leavenworth on a bi-monthly basis. This Washington group of committed volunteers also continue to produce the hugely successful Annual CoffeeHouse Music Festival in the park.,
(Any "Leavenworth veterans" wishing to play NH, can count on a place to stay if they swing by Sunapee for a gig.)

We received "Best of New Hampshire 2005" for our Open Mic.
Cool, we didn't even know they were aware of us!

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The Sunapee Community CoffeeHouse is an ad-hoc nonprofit group of volunteers.
With the help of many emcee's, the following people helped launch the Sunapee Community CoffeeHouse in the summer of 2004: Randy Richards, Click and Joanie Horning, Richard King, Dan Bowles, Matt Driscoll, Matt Moran, Becky Bowles, Bob & Jim Britton and Joel Dulude.

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