The Sunapee Community CoffeeHouse is Located Downstairs at the Sunapee Methodist Church

9 Lower Main Street in Sunapee, NH
  Phone: 603-398-8214 (Vic Reno)

The Sunapee Community CoffeeHouse


Our Volunteers Sustain The Series

A warm welcome to all of our current volunteers who keep the CoffeeHouse running
A hearty welcome to those who have arrived here because you are contemplating volunteeering

The Sunapee Community CoffeeHouse (started in 2004 and voted Best of NH Open Mics in 2005) always needs support so please get involved. Whether you're a musician who plays at the Coffeehouse or an audience member who enjoys the shows--we're asking that you give back to keep the Coffeehouse going. Let us know what you can do and we'll find a way for you to help. The community will thank you, and you'll get much more back than you put into it!

Contact Vic Reno at: vreno@relightdesign.com

And thanks...

Volunteer News

We always need some help at the Sunapee Community CoffeeHouse. Get involved. This isn't a spectator sport! Especially if you're a musician who's playing at the SCC. We ask that you give back. Help keep live music live in Sunapee!

We need help...Will you help?
Pick one!
Or more!
Or make up one of your own

  • Be a part of putting up posters occasionally,
  • Emceeing/Hosting a night
  • Run an Open Mic night
  • Help with our sound system
  • Posting Events on NPR or elsewhere
  • Sending out press releases.
  • Help us build a following on social media.
  • Whatever you can think of. We are always open to new skills and ideas.

Let us know if you'd like to help. The community will thank you
And you'll get much more back than you put into it !

Contact Vic Reno if you'd like to help!

Special thanks to Vic Reno, Judy Thackaberry, Al Carruth, EJ Tretter, Heidi Pattern, Robyn Macy, Martha Naylor, Deb Blesedell Kate Gordon, Diana Wyman, Pastor Pat, Al Peterson, Kathy Morse, Thomas Daniels, Randy Richards and all the Emcees who help keep it going. And thanks to all who have helped prior.

See our guide for those who wish to be Emcees

For Our Future Emcees

Many thanks to all who have visited us here and we hope you will join us in the future