The Sunapee Community CoffeeHouse is Located Downstairs at the Sunapee Methodist Church

9 Lower Main Street in Sunapee, NH
  Phone: 603-398-8214 (Vic Reno)

The Sunapee Community CoffeeHouse


Our Volunteers Sustain The Series

All who volunteer are cherished but our emcees have a special place in our hearts, in part because they are so rare and so very essential to our shows.
Thank you for considering taking on this rewarding CoffeeHouse job.

To volunteer to become one of our esteemed emcees:
Contact Judy Thackaberry judy1857@yahoo.com And thanks...

Our Concise Guide to EmCeeing

EmCeeing and Hosting The Sunapee Community CoffeeHouse!

  • Arrive 6:30 or earlier if you can.
  • Greet musician and orient him/her to bathroom, food, stage, etc.
  • Set up the room (there are usually others around to help)
    • chairs
    • backdrop
    • set up lights against post on right.
    • bring out basket of pillows
    • stage
    • take out the hat, audience slips, and pens
  • 7:00 Welcome people to the CoffeeHouse, but first mention:
    • your name and that you are a volunteer.
    • we are an all volunteer organization
    • also church volunteers provide snacks and beverages for donations.
    • we pass the hat for the musician
    • thank the sponsor for the evening (check the poster or website)
    • remind people to fill out forms for chance to win CD.
    • "listening room" atmosphere
    • upcoming shows (check the poster or website)
    • Introduce musician (It's good to mention some of their background)
  • 7:45-8:00 Pass the hat just before the last song of the first set.
    • count the money and put it in a cup
  • 8:10ish Pick the winner of the CD from the slips just before the start of the second set.

Let us know if you'd like to join our small but awesome team of intrepid emcees.

Contact: Judy Thackaberry judy1857@yahoo.com

The community will thank you
And you'll get much more back than you put into it!